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Barry Connor Design specialises in thoughtful and well considered architectural design and has years of experience in crafting beautiful bespoke homes throughout New Zealand.


From concept to consent, Barry thrives on guiding his clients the entire way on their journey to their new home or renovation and prides himself on reducing delays and misinterpretations during construction by following a thorough process.   The process is divided into three simple phases.


  • The investigation phase provides for an initial assessment of the site and viability of the project and includes site assessment, sun trajectory evaluation, review of the local planning regulations, and highlighting any potential resource consent or non-compliance issues.

  • Consider initial design layouts for the property and potential building locations and set out.

  • This phase also allows us to define the project scope and enable us to calculate the fixed fees for the next phases of the project.


  • The Concept design of the project begins following the investigation phase.

  • We setup a shared Pinterest board for each project in order to share ideas about the project – we find this can be a very useful tool for understanding the exact needs, wants/desires of the client.

  • The concept design is usually presented at the office and during this time we will talk you through the concept and also show you a 3D presentation of the proposed design.

  • At this meeting we also provide clients with printed sets of plans to take away and you will also be provided with a virtual 3D model of the concept design so that you can immerse yourself in the project and come back with any changes or queries.



  • Once the concept design has been priced and you are happy to proceed, the next stage moves into the process of compiling the building consent documentation.

  • All aspects of the consent application are included in the fixed price contract and this includes all plans, specification and consent application as well as liaising with any additional consultants such as structural engineers, geotechnical consultants, fire engineers etc.

  • This part of the process can vary depending on the level of detail required and the scope and size of the project.

  • We’re always here to guide, assist, and answer any questions you may have throughout this process, to ensure a smooth and efficient transition into your new home with minimal stress.

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