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Welcome to our visionary architectural project, nestled on a site that boasts breathtaking Mountain Views, untamed coastlines, and a secluded ambiance. Inspired by the region’s rich history of mining and mineral-rich black sand, our development showcases bespoke lodge cabins, harmoniously blending modern luxury with heritage.


Through cutting-edge technology, we harnessed Artificial Intelligence to craft organic framework forms, shaping our initial concepts. This innovative approach extends to private residences, boutique waterfront cabins, and a serene holistic wellness and Relaxation spa.


Our design ethos reveres the area’s gold mining heritage, seamlessly integrating new accommodation styles into the wild coastal pastureland. This endeavor is more than just a project; it’s a testament to our dedication to preserving history while embracing the future. Stay tuned, as there’s much more to unveil about this extraordinary venture.

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