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Our modern farmhouse project is a harmonious blend of contemporary design and rural living. The house is artfully arranged in a cluster of offset barn pavilions, each thoughtfully oriented to make the most of the sun's natural trajectory.

At its heart, the main pavilion stretches out towards the picturesque farmland, where you'll often spot the neighbouring cattle grazing. This central pavilion serves as the focal point of the home, offering a warm and inviting living space.


Beyond the main pavilion, you'll discover a guest wing for visitors, a private master bedroom wing for serene retreats, a small utility link for convenience, and a triple car garage that doubles as a man's shed and a bar for those cherished moments of relaxation.


The use of natural stone and thermally modified sustainable timber not only gives the house a warm and inviting atmosphere but also ensures it seamlessly blends into the landscape. When complete, this farmhouse will be a place full of energy and warmth, offering a perfect synergy between modern comfort and the tranquillity of rural life.

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