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2023 ADNZ Commended

Our home, constructed in 1969 and designed by Charles R Thomas, is a classic mid-century-styled gem in an established riverside garden setting. When we purchased the property the bathroom was a series of small, interconnected spaces; bath in single room, shower along small corridor, toilet in separate room flanked by doors to access both bathroom and laundry spaces, then vanity in the main connection space. This ad hoc layout seemed quite excessive given the utility provided, and felt this was an opportunity to consider renovating which allowed us to address a lack of good-proportioned storage to the master bedroom.

Our design brief required that we didn’t alter or reposition any exterior window openings to reduce cost. We also retained the hallway door openings to prevent additional work. We focused on maximising the potential available space without increasing the footprint, embracing a modern but true reflection of aesthetic that subtly referenced mid-century tones. 

Our aim was to provide better amenities for a modern family while retaining the mid-century aesthetic of the home. The creation of a private bathroom for the master bedroom not only provided greater privacy but also a sense of luxury and comfort. A simple palette of matte white fixtures and tapware, natural handmade basin and wall sconces, and Rimu veneer cabinetry combine to form a timeless, classic mid-century palette. The custom vanities in both bathrooms provide well-considered storage, allowing for a clutter-free space that feels cohesive, composed and stylish.

Our project focused on utilising the existing space to its fullest potential, creating practical and well-proportioned areas that provide a modern layout while retaining the mid-century aesthetic. Our innovative solution to the array of connected spaces included transforming the same space into a new walkthrough robe, upgraded master bedroom, en-suite bathroom, and family bathroom, all carefully crafted to align with the mid-century character of the home.

We utilised the same Winkelmans tiles with contrasting grout for both the wall and floor materials to provide consistency of aesthetic through both bathroom spaces, which helped to maintain the mid-century look. To maintain an authentic tone, for the bathrooms we used a simple palette of matt white fixtures and tapware, paired with a natural, handmade clay bowl and wall sconces, and Rimu veneer cabinetry for a timeless classic mid-century palette. Our custom vanities enabled both spaces to benefit from well considered storage solutions. For the walk in robe space we designed a custom storage solution in a bespoke plum red to contrast against the ensuite tones. Inspired by the window configuration proportions, we incorporated a bedhead feature with a modern panel detail that referenced the Rimu timber detailing throughout the main house. Natural wool and Rimu light fittings were used to complement the natural aesthetic of the space, adding warmth and texture. 

Overall, our renovation provides a practical and modernized layout, while respecting the fabric, form, and flow of the original mid-century home.

Photography: Hazel Redmond

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