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Our project is a striking Art Deco-inspired rebuild that pays homage to the glamorous era while infusing it with contemporary style and functionality.

The key to this design is the simple plan form, thoughtfully laid out through the heart of the site. This not only provides access to natural daylight year-round but also ensures the main open plan living space is bathed in a warm, inviting glow.

The focus of the design is on captivating views, both towards semi-private and open courtyard spaces, ensuring interesting vistas and abundant natural light permeate the core of the home throughout the seasons.

In addition to the elegant living space, the house features a small artist studio and workshop, dedicated to weaving, pottery, and crafts, allowing for creative pursuits and artistic expression.

A highlight of this design is the staircase, which is adorned with custom profiled zinc cladding, creating a captivating contrast with the crisp white plaster. Art Deco-inspired band detailing adds a touch of modern sophistication, reimagining the classic Art Deco style for a new era. It's a celebration of the past with an eye on the future.

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