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Our latest project is a wild and whimsical interpretation of a Kiwi bach getaway that's sure to challenge the notion of  “normal”!. Drawing inspiration from the local rural vernacular, this design breaks free from convention.

The concept behind this project is to defragment the traditional camping experience, creating a space that's as dynamic as it is quirky. At the heart of it all, we're transforming the existing scout hut cabin into a tiny but hardworking home, offering a family of five room to grow and explore during their holidays.

This was no easy task; the site itself presented steep access and a multitude of challenging aspects. However, with the unwavering vision of our clients, we've persevered and can't wait to unveil the final results of this amazing compact space. It's a project that truly pushes boundaries and promises to be an unforgettable getaway for all who visit.

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