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At the heart of this project lies a bespoke solution to a uniquely demanding site. Three-quarters of the area was off-limits due to land risk designation, compelling us to focus our efforts on the lower aspect. It was a puzzle that challenged our design ingenuity.

The client, self-proclaimed "view snobs," yearned for breathtaking vistas and outdoor access along the northern edge of the property. Our response? A private garden terrace, elegantly poised above the parking space, adorned with an open slatted frame structure. We married this garden oasis to a metal-clad rectangular structure with an offset hipped roof, infusing the design with a crisp architectural aesthetic.

In crafting this architectural masterpiece, our mantra was simple, stylish, and functional. Every element was meticulously considered to serve both form and purpose, ensuring that beauty seamlessly met utility. It's a testament to our commitment to delivering not just structures but experiences, even on the most challenging of canvases.

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