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Nestled in the stunning landscape of Wanaka, our project involves the transformation of an existing home with exciting elevated views of the local peaks and ranges. The original structure, while offering great vistas, had a layout that lacked consideration for natural sunlight and the full potential of its surroundings.

Through meticulous planning and thoughtful design, we've revitalized this home. The lower level has been maximized for functionality, seamlessly connecting with the outdoor garden areas. Upstairs, we've introduced a new master suite and a lounge space, redefining the living experience with improved views and natural light.

Gone is the old integrated storage area; in its place, a functional single garage has been introduced. To top it all off, a rooftop garden terrace awaits, providing the perfect setting for evening drinks while you take in the mesmerizing play of shadows on the elevated peaks.

Our project is a testament to the power of thoughtful renovation, where a once-standard layout has been transformed into a space that truly celebrates its surroundings and offers a new level of comfort and engagement with the stunning Wanaka landscape.

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